Jenkinson, Lewandowski,


Mario Gotze.



Never Give Up.


My family say I’m obsessed with football. I call it having a hobby.

This just happened.

Me: oh my god, azpilicueta is a father.
Sister: what?
Me: it was announced today.
Sister: *almost in tears* its not even with Hazard.

Are you a jealous person?

Me: only of footballers wags.

5 things you need to know about football:

1. It’ll make you happy
2. It’ll make you sad
3. It’ll make you angry
4. It’ll make you cry
5. It’ll make you feel every emotion ever.

10 things you need to know about an El Clasico:

1. Messi will score
2. Ronaldo will score
3. There will be on average 5 yellow cards
4. There will be at least 1 red card
5. Sergio Ramos will be the collector of the red card.
6. It will not end in a draw
7. There will be at least 1 penalty
8. There will be lots of loud fans
9. Every football fan of every country will watch this match
10. There will be at least 1 fight /scuffle

The best part of being a football fan:

-your team winning a derby
-your team winning a trophy
-your team signing your favourite player
-seeing a team you don’t like lose
-football bromances.

Szczesny: *takes selfie at the north London derby*

Me: *waits patiently for Szczesny’s selfie to be posted online*