Jenkinson, Lewandowski,


Mario Gotze.



Never Give Up.

My biggest fear: my child supporting the football team I don't like.

Top 3 worst parts of being a football fan:

1. Transfer window
2. Injuries
3. The one team you can’t stand

Boy: it's so hard to find a girl who likes football.
85% of football related blogs on tumblr: uhm, hi, hello, howdy, am I invisible?


When you’re the host nation for the World Cup and you score an own goal:image

Every four years for thirty one days, the world comes together to stand apart.

FIFA WORLD CUP (via her0inchic) —

I think Sergio Ramos will get the first red card of world cup 2014.

There are three things certain in life:

• you live
• you die
• Sergio Ramos getting a red card.

The reason I have no friends:

Friend: cinema this weekend?
Me: sorry, footballs on.
Friend: go for a meal this weekend?
Me: sorry footballs on.
Friend: sleep over this weekend?
Me: sorry footballs on.
Friend: party this.. Oh wait footballs on?
Me: ...

This just happened.

Me: oh my god, azpilicueta is a father.
Sister: what?
Me: it was announced today.
Sister: *almost in tears* its not even with Hazard.

5 things you need to know about football:

1. It’ll make you happy
2. It’ll make you sad
3. It’ll make you angry
4. It’ll make you cry
5. It’ll make you feel every emotion ever.